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The Mazda6 is the culmination of a quest to build our finest sedan ever. Mazda artisans considered every detail to craft an interior sure to please even the most discerning drivers.


Mazda6 is available with our Dynamic Pressure Turbocharged SKYACTIV®-G 2.5T engine. It’s an effortless brand of power that’s sure to elevate your mood.


The pinnacle of mature elegance

Mazda design pursues forms that embody life in all its dynamism and beauty. Our overriding belief is that such forms come only from the human hand, and our skills and passion are directed at imbuing them with soul

Elegance that Satisfies

In designing Mazda 6, we leveraged all our abilities to achieve elegance that satisfies mature sensibilities along with further refined dynamism


Mazda 6 displays its flagship dignity with greater beauty, higher quality and a more mature atmosphere both inside and out.



Confidence-building reassurance for the driver, and an enjoyable driving experience for all occupants. These are the fundamental aims of Mazda Proactive Safety. And with these twin goals, Mazda expanded the concept of safety, taking it beyond the conventional thinking on advanced safety technologies to also include the driving position, information layout, visibility, and driving dynamics.

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

DSC with TCS electronically controls braking force applied to each wheel to help prevent under- or oversteer and maintain vehicle stability when cornering on slippery roads or during sudden steering inputs

Mazda Iactivsense Lane Departure

Lane-keep Assist System (LAS)

A forward sensing camera detects lane markings and assists the steering to keep you in lane. The system also alerts you when it judges an unintended lane departure is imminent by vibrating the steering wheel or with an audible alarm. When the system determines lane departure is intentional (use of turn signals, etc) steering assistance is cancelled and no warnings are given. The system operates at speeds above approximately 60km/h.

Mazda Cx 9 Safety Lane Departure Warning And Lane Keep Assist (2)

Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC)

With the ability to bring you to a complete stop in traffic and take off again once traffic moves, MRCC with Stop & Go function adjusts your speed to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead.

Mazda Cx 9 Safety Radar Cruise Control With Stop And Go (2)
Mazda Iactivsense Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Advanced Smart City Brake Support (Advanced SCBS)

With the high-performance forward sensing camera, Advanced SCBS detects vehicles and pedestrians* in front of the vehicle and automatically applies the brakes to help avoid collisions and mitigate collision damage while driving between approximately 4 and 80km/h (sensing a vehicle ahead) or between approximately 10 and 80km/h (sensing a pedestrian).

Mazda Cx 9 Safety Advanced Smart Brake Support With Pedestrian Detection (1)
Mazda Iactivsense Smart City Brake Support

Smart City Brake Support [Reverse] (SCBS R)

Ultrasonic sensors mounted on the rear bumper allow SCBS R to detect vehicles and obstacles behind when reversing at speeds between approximately 2 and 8km/h

Mazda Cx 9 Safety Advanced Smart Brake Support With Pedestrian Detection (1)

Body structure

The body provides excellent collision safety performance. Extensive use of ultra-high-tensile steel gives strength with low weight, while the framework absorbs and channels energy away from the cabin.


Human-centric design: the key to communication

Human-centric design is the key to complete and intuitive communication between you and Mazda6. As well as real-time communication with the world when you’re on the road. It’s all thanks to Mazda’s latest iteration of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and MZD CONNECT system

HMI — control centred on you

Modern cars constantly present more and more information which can confuse, and even distract. So Mazda engineered its HMI entirely around you, to provide detailed information with minimal eye movements and stress. Controls, instruments, steering wheel and shift lever are all ideally placed in relation to the driver’s seat

MZD CONNECT keeps you in touch

MZD CONNECT gives you versatile internet connection while on the road. It offers an extremely wide range of infotainment options through Aha™ by HARMAN when connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth



High-efficiency SKYACTIV-G direct-injection petrol engines are your passport to a world of driving that is simultaneously exciting and eco-friendly


This six-speed automatic transmission combines the smooth operation of a conventional automatic with the fast shifting of a twin-clutch gearbox. Lockup is extended to nearly 90% for the solid feel of a manual transmission, and there’s also the choice of Sports and manual shift modes for sportier driving.

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