Whether it is the new range of next generation vehicles or yesteryears models, the ‘joy of driving’ that is embedded in the DNA of each Mazda vehicle always stands out. The amazing feeling that one gets whilst driving a Mazda is hard to miss, so much so that happy customers always come back for more along with fond memories of their journey to happiness.

Nadiya Al Harthi, a loyal and happy Mazda customer recently spoke of her experience and her family’s love for Mazda over the years, saying, “I have been a big fan and a loyal customer of Mazda since 2012. I remember when I came across the Mazda 2, and then its successor the Mazda 3. Mazda’s eye catching design was one of many reasons why I opted to go for Mazda. I was the first member of my family to buy a Mazda after which my sisters chose to follow suit as well. In all, we now are the proud owners of five Mazda cars at home. We have a Mazda 2, an older version of the Mazda 3, the latest Mazda 3 as well as a CX-5 and CX-9 crossover. During the same time my aunt and uncle also chose to buy a Mazda each for themselves. All my sisters have good things to say about their respective cars and are impressed with Mazda’s distinctive design, exceptional functionality, responsive handling and great driving performance. Being a Japanese brand, Mazda is a promise kept with regards to quality and performance. In addition to owning the car of my dreams, TAC has ensured that my experience driving a Mazda would always be a happy one thanks to their exceptional service and affordable prices. My journey with my Mazda has only just begun and I’m sure my family and I will have many more happy years on the road with Mazda!”

Mazda over the years has stayed true to their philosophy of making cars that enable people to celebrate the joy of driving or ‘Hashiru Yorokobi’, as put in Japanese. Strongly enforcing this school of thought, the Japanese automaker’s cars are not just easy on the eye but also deliver a great performance on the road as well.

In Oman, TAC is recognised as a trusted name in customer service and a pioneer in the automobile business since 1972. A group company of the W J Towell Group, TAC takes off from the principle of its parent company and ensures the easy availability of high quality motor products coupled with the highest standard of service to its esteemed customers.

Mazda has brought quality to the roads of Oman, and TAC has made owning a Mazda an absolute joy, thanks to their excellent after-sales service, availability of genuine parts for all Mazda models, their efficient staff, amazing promotions and innovative solutions for a better customer experience.

To find out more about Towell Auto Centre’s showrooms and servicing centres, you can log on to, or just walk into any one of Towell Auto Centre’s 9 Mazda showrooms situated across the Sultanate of Oman. Now you can also download the revamped Mazda Oman mobile app to get easy access to everything related to Mazda in Oman.

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